Tip for you about e-cigarettes: Gather Information

Read reviews and especially opinions from other e-cigarettes users. But remember that every opinion is subjective. Some websites are limited only to a single manufacturer. And many a field report is a disguised sale items with (commission) link to a shop.

Important are, for example:

-Handling (filling, charging)
-sensory experience (full-bodied, scratchy throat)
-first cost (set Contents of the set)
-follow-up costs (batteries, liquids)
-availability of accessories (Liquids)
-optics (cigarette clone or a stylish cigarette holders design)

Here you will find updates on eZigarettenGuru.com and reliable information on this topic.

Ask people in your circle of acquaintances according to experience. These people can help you assess accurately, and also you can immediately take the next tip in attack.

No more cigarettes to young people

To date, the sale of e-cigarettes was allowed to young people, because they did not contain tobacco. But now the Bundestag closed the loophole. Experts believe that there is a great risk of respiratory disease and cancer when inhaled liquids from e-cigarettes.

Electronic Cigarettes and E-Hookah may now no longer be sold to children and adolescents. The Parliament passed a bill to which the existing delivery and consumption ban on tobacco in electronic cigarettes and electronic shishas is extended. The ban also applies to mail order.

E-Cigarettes and E-Hookah simulate practically smoking without burning tobacco. Here are liquids, so-called liquids, evaporated. The resulting mist is inhaled. There are different flavors and the products can be nikotinhaltig or nicotine.

Federal Minister of Food, Christian Schmidt called the decision to prohibit transfers a “milestone for consumer health protection”. “E-cigarettes and e-Hookah – whether with or without nicotine – do not belong in the hands of children and adolescents”, the CSU politician said. Smoking is not harmless, even if it tastes like gum or smells like melon.

Also, nicotine-free e-cigarettes are dangerous

“Even nicotine-free e-cigarettes and e-hookahs damage the health of children and adolescents,” said the Parliamentary State Secretary in Ministry of Family Affairs, Caren Marks (SPD). Moreover, the risk that the allegedly harmless nicotine-free e-cigarettes are tempted to switch to nicotine-containing cigarettes there.
Besides, Union and SPD and the Greens voted for the bill of the coalition.

The Left Party, however lamented missing prevention approaches and unobjective equating tobacco and e-cigarettes and therefore abstained from voting.

The federal government had justified the prohibition of sales with the health risks of addiction and nerve agent nicotine that would be inhaled and the consumption of electric cigarettes and shisha with the nicotine solution. However, consumption of nicotine-free electronic cigarettes and shisha is hazardous to health, because during evaporation incur substances regarded as potentially carcinogenic.

A study of the Federal Centre for Health Education showed that one in five young people between twelve and 17 years of age already had seventh e-Shisha and everyone has tried an e-cigarette.
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